Play Lists for October 2006

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Artist Title
Frozen Plasma I Get Excited
Corporate Soldiers Seperated (FGFC820)
Moon Rock I Don't Want Your Daylight (MIM)
Capsize We Are Wimps (DJ Ram)
Emplosia Terra X
Dismantled Spin (Remix)
Auto Auto Decamerone
Leaetherstrip Halloween Theme
Artist Title
Straftanz Straftanz Sud (Reaper)
Vigilante The Other Side (Funker Vogt)
Headscan Dead Silver Sky (Biometric)
Noisuf-X Tinnitus
Exilanation Matrix (Radio)
Xotox Roboterkrieg (SITD)
Frozen Plasma A Generation Of The Lost
Leaetherstrip Be My Fetish
Artist Title
Impact Pulse Come
L'ame Immortelle Phoenix (XPQ-21)
Corporate Soldiers Go Home (Mesners Eyes)
Stromkern Reminders (Echo Virus)
Conetik Daydream
Exilanation Infinity (Live)
Implant Communication Breakdown (XP8)
Obscenity Trial Your Skin
Artist Title
Leaetherstrip I Love The Sound Of Acid Rain
Seize Craving (Press The Mushroom)
Stigma Heroes (Radio Edit)
Aiboforcen Confusion (Pride & Fall)
Exilanation Confusion (Fabrikc)
Velvet Acid Christ Ghost Regen
Matrix On Angels Wings
Nun Burn (Short)
Artist Title
Slide Show Requiem
Nun Your World
Emplosia Daimonion
Distain West End Girls
Lunascape Mindstalking (Funkella)
Bodyhammer Echo
XP8 It's a Sin
Iris Hells Coming With Me (Dub)