Play Lists for December 2006

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Artist Title
Lost Signal Drowning
Velvet Acid Christ Ghost Regen (Fractured Coils)
Access Zero Years Of Wasted Time
Code 64 Sea Of Stars
Capsize We Are Wimps (DJ Ram)
Minerve My Universe (Club)
State Of The Union Fall From Grace
Pow(d)er Pussy Universalpussynation
Angel Theory Black & Blue
Exilanation Infinity (Live Recorded)
Cesium 137 Eastern Sky
Conetik Cold Star (Dead Eyes)
Iris Appetite (2006 Club)
Obscyre Liebe Und Wahnsinn
Artist Title
Absurd Minds I Feel Alive
Angels & Agony Forward (Contruggle Test)
P24 Wie Noch Nie
Imperative Reaction Never Ending
Les Anges De La Nuit Twisted Mind
Void Kampf Death At Corner (Skoyz)
Solitary Experiments Glory & Honour (Battlefield)
System Syn I Am Here
Artist Title
Digital Geist Earworm (No Light Guides Us)
Apoptygma Berzerk Tune In To The Frequency Of Your Soul(Drugwar)
Frozen Plasma Lift The Veil
Conetik Suzanne (Remix)
Impact Pulse Without Fear (Nothing Nada)
The Retrosic The Lucky Ones
Cryo The Pain (Iambia)