Play Lists for December 2007

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Artist Title
Assemblage 23 Binary
Raindancer Sandman 2.0
Nothing Nada Silent Heroes
Lost Area Soul Hunter (Accessory)
Crystalline Effect When The World Ends (Blank)
Code 64 Guardian (Bariusz)
Technoir Manifesto (Negative Format)
Mind In A Box Amnesia
Universal Poplab I Could Say I'm Sorry (Thermostatic)
Fake The Envy Sweep Us All Away
Interface Land Of Confusion
Alien 6 Ice Machine
Thermostatic The Box (Full Version)
Information Society Baby Just Wants
Artist Title
Solitary Experiments Odyssey Of Mind (Negative Format)
Back And To The Left Misstep (A23)
Davantage Split & Shatter (Hazy Clouds)
Faderhead Dirty Girls Dirty Bois (Modulate)
Diskonnekted Adrenaline (Endzeit)
Absurd Minds Herzlos (SITD)
Supreme Court Jealous Man
Isis Signum Destroy The Wall (Dysko Dynamics)
Artist Title
Mindless Faith Independance Day
Acylum Glock 17 (Wynardtage)
Camouflage The Great Commandment (12")
Mesh From This Height (Live)
Wynardtage Waste Of Time (2007)
Level 2.0 Angelfire
Virtual Descent Concede
Assemblage 23 Underneath The Ice
Artist Title
Mesh It Scares Me (Live)
X-Divide I Don't Care (Trance Club)
Rename Maybe Later I Will Dance All Night
Faderhead Dirty Girls Dirty Bois (SITD)
Isis Signum Symmetry Pt.2 (Strafbomber)
Echoing Green Suffer (Club)
Lost Area My Suicide (Euroside)
Covenant Go Film (Live)