Play Lists for January 1999

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Artist Title
Cyber-Tec Foetal
Project Pitchfork Carnival (Covenant)
Trylok Injustice
Unit 187 Loaded
Iron Lung Corp. Murderous
Kraftwerk Radioactivity
Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope
Crocodile Shop Lets go to bed
Individual Totem Implicate Order
VNV Nation Solitary
1AM 1,000 Beats


Artist Title
Leatherstrip Sex Dwarf
Final Cut Terminate
Marginal Prophets Guns 'n Money
Hellbent Burnout
Non-Aggression Pact The Whip Line
Cubanate Transit


Artist Title
Numb Suspended
KMFDM Godlike
Evils Toy Third World War
Leatherstrip Hate Me! (Funker)
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 (FLA)
Velvet Acid Christ Dark Lights


Artist Title
Project Pitchfork I Live Your Dream
Rational Youth Coboloid Race
EDF Modulats
The Agression Missionary Man
Front Line Assembly Surface Patterns
The Last Dance Angels