Play Lists for March 2009

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Artist Title
Covenant We Want Revolution (Shok)
Red Flag Run (Now Run)
Diffuzion No Fear (Implant)
Illusion Of Light Warum
The Azoic Going Under (Cesium 137)
Millimetric Suffoque (Equitant)
Experimental Haywire Overrule (Pulse State)
Encephalon Rise
Artist Title
Dubok Clear Vision (A23)
Apoptygma Berzerk Paranoia (Club)
Assemblage 23 Love My Way (Rework)
Mind In A Box Certainty (Seize)
TOY Fairytale (Club)
Final Cut I Beleive In You
Hate Dept Release It (Empirion)
Killing Joke Democracy (United Nations)
Artist Title
Noisuf-X Intellectually Retarded
Combichrist Get Out Of My Head
Steinkind Disco Anarchy
Schallfaktor Promiskuitiv
Essence Of Mind Watch Out (Northborne)
The Eternal Affliction San Diego 2k9 (Qntal)
Client Can You Feel (Kindle)
Standeg 25 Hours
Artist Title
The Gothsicles Mix This Song Into Maps Of Reality (A23)
Assemblage 23 Maps Of Reality
Empty Forgotten Dreams
Blutengel City Lights
Project Pitchfork Your God
(X)-RX Homofurst
Noisuf-X Krach Bumm
Supreme Court Everyday Tragedy