February 1999 Play Lists

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Artist Title
Aghast View Truthlike (Rapture mix)
Suicide Commando Desire
Individual Totem PSI Trading Company
Covenant Go Film (Soft)
Attrition Waste Not... Want More
KMFDM Juke Joint Jezebel


Artist Title
Beborn Beton Dr. Channard
Crocodile Shop Useless
Pain Station Martyr
Puncture Kill-O-Gram
Modus Operandi Outta Control
Bigod 20 The Bog


Artist Title
Gary Numan The Dark
Killing Joke Millenium
16 Volt The dreams that rot in your heart
Lights of Euphoria Mindtraveller
Informatik Things to come
Assemblage 23 Purgatory


Artist Title
Decoded Feedback Bio-Vital
Imperative Reaction The Longing
Temple of the Times Bloodstained
Acid Horse No Name, No Slogan
Full Frequency Drop Down
Funker Vogt Tragic Hero