Play Lists for October 2009

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Artist Title
Powder Pussy Allsystemsgo
Halo Effect Hammer The Gear (FabrikC)
Gothika Echolalia (Suicidal Romance)
Solitary Experiments Rise and Fall
Assemblage 23 Impermanence
Mesh Only Better
Obscenity Trial Ubers Wasser Gehen
T Error 404 Shade (Trance Version)
Artist Title
Cesium 137 Always
Powder Pussy Sonsovkalashnikovguns
Leaetherstrip How Do I Know (APB)
Mechanical Apfelsine Serial Lover
Assemblage 23 Angels & Demons
Herzschlag Niemand
Lyronian Life Is A Show (Beborn Beton)
Northern Lite Gimme Your Number
Artist Title
Assemblage 23 Smoke
Cesium 137 UnWanted
Agonoize Alarmstufe Rot
LSD Project Infection (X-Fusion)
X-Fusion Leave No Seed
Lost Area Soulfoe (Club)
AutoKratz Always More
Behind The Scenes Fate (A Spell Inside)
Artist Title
Agonoize Exitus
X-Fusion Daily Dose
Phosgore Killerhertz (Fabrikc)
System Syn Like Every Insect
Lost Area Soulfoe (Club)
Suicide Commando Die Motherfucker Die
Arise-X Ich Fress Dich Auf
Urceus Exit Pretend (Alternate)