Play Lists for December 2009

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Artist Title
Blaqk Audio Snuff On Digital
Siva Six Fire Walks With Me (Dark Soho)
Patenbrigade Wolff Feind Hort Mit (E. Mielke Club)
Interface Voices (Echo)
Solitary Experiments Immortal (Extended)
Technology Brave New World (Stability)
Frozen Plasma Tanz Die Revolution (Club)
Elegant Machinery Move (Edit)
AutoKratz Last Show
The Gothsicles Mix This Song Into A23s Maps Of Reality (A23)
Artist Title
Patenbrigade Wolff Never Neverland (Andre Hartung)
Solitary Experiments Road To Horizon
Grafton Primary Relativity
Plague Sequence Body (Mastered For PABS3)
Santa Hates You Deutschmaschine
Niteshift Alien Breed (Sudden Version)
Rotersand Beneath The Stars
System Syn Tracing Veins (Club)
Artist Title
Grendel Shortwired (Thomas Rainer)
Blank Hellbound
Drained Scorn Punishment
Liquid Divine iHuman
Solitary Experiemnts Point Of View (Diskonnekted)
Standeg 25 Hours
Acylum Crazy (FOD)
In Strict Confidence My Despair (Extended)
Artist Title
Liquid Divine Sojouner
Waves Under Water I Am The Ocean
XP8 Want It (Frozen Plasma)
Rotersand Waiting To Be Born
SITD Rot (Aesthetic Perfection)
Obscenity Trial Inside
MinusHeart Feel No Pain (Config.sys)
Blutengel Engelsblut (Fallen Angel)