Play Lists for August 2010

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Artist Title
Ashbury Heights Angora Overdrive
Patenbrigade Wolff Popmusik Fuh Rohrleger (Rockah)
Foretaste Keep Me Satisfied (2006)
CTRL We Are All Lost
Combichrist MonsterMurderKill
Mechanical Apfelsine New Day
Iris Panic Rev (Club)
XMH Cryogenic Fire (Soman)
Artist Title
Tenek Blinded By You (Designed For Dancing)
Alien Produkt Honour vs. Falsehood
A7IE Angels (Dancing In The Dust)
Suono And The Party Never Dies
Neuroticfish Velocity
Imperative Reaction The Longing
Beborn Beton Hemoglobin
Minerve Phoenix
Artist Title
Blind Faith & Envy My Life Is Ordinary (Loopkitchen)
Floor Seven You Create (Club)
No Comment Pulstar (2010 Club)
In Strict Confidence I Surrender (Controlled Fusion)
Future Trail Monochrome Affair (Wynardtage)
XMTP Clean Hearts
Minerve Forbidden Love
Namnambulu Now Or Never (Distant)
Artist Title
Kriminal Minds Lies
Impact Pulse Madhunt (Headfield Module)
A7IE Angels (Aktive_Hate)
Nitzer Ebb Lightning Man (Industry vs The Ebb)
Red Industrie Flesh And Blood
Implant The Dive (Shiv-R)
Psy'Aviah Sweet Hard Revenge
Painbastard S.I.N (Seele in Not)
Artist Title
Minerve Every Day
System Syn Strangers
Floor Seven You Create
Ashbury Heights Decent Cancer
Trademark Someone Else's Dream
Quelles Paroles Swoon (Extended)
Ascii Disko Jawbreaker
Diorama Ignite