Play Lists for April 1999

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Artist Title
Wumpscut Embryodead (DeeJayDead)
Sibling Rivalry Did Not
PTK Wumph
THD 1100
Purr Machine Darjeeling
SPOCK Astro Girl


Artist Title
Dorsetshire Free Your Mind
Hate Dept. You Spin Me
VNV Nation After Fire
Klinik Obsession
Holocaust Theory Fear Within
Crocodile Shop Core
Collide Deep


Artist Title
KMFDM Mysterious Ways
Hexedene Breathe
Collide Son of a preacher man
16 Volt Two wires thin
Iron Lung Corp. Join in the murderous chant
Diatribe Ultracide


Artist Title
Strategy Resist
Wumpscut Totmacher
Talamasca Tainted Love
Xorcist Slider
Cleen Did you forget? (99 Blackfloor Edit)
Gridlock Sever