Play Lists for May 1999

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Artist Title
Gridlock Retina (Live @ Das Bunker)
Birmingham 6 You Cannot Walk Here (Carbon 12)
Flesh Field Overload
Velvet Acid Christ The Dark Inside Her
Beborn Beton New Born King
Malhavoc SCEX (XXX Rated Version)


Artist Title
Wumpscut Wulf
Allied Vision Cup of Sorrow
The Planet Sun Little Miss Manic
Neuroactive Parallel
Abcess Pendulum
Suicide Commando Ignorance


Artist Title
Velvet Acid Christ Dechyper (Force=Authority Mix)
VNV Nation Forsaken (Vocals)
Fictional Your dream
Neuroactive Moments passing by (Retro mix)
Front Line Assembly Prophecy


Artist Title
Assemblage 23 Purgatory
De/Vision Try To Forget '98
Project Pitchfork I Live Your Dream (Radio Edit)
Download Glassblower (Remix)
Numb Shithammer


Artist Title
A Split Second Rigor Mortis
Wave Workers Foundation Undrugged
New Mind Love Missile F1-11
Imperative Reaction Scorpio
Luxt Spite (Tek-9 Mix)
Beborn Beton No Promise