Play Lists for June 1999

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Artist Title
Elegant Machinery Blind Man Dreams
Gary Numan Are Friends Electric? (Leatherstrip)
!Bang Elektronika Temptation
Haujobb Antimatter
Individual Totem Implicate Order
Forma Tadre Date Unknown


Artist Title
Front Line Assembly Fatalist
Dark Illumination Feel Free Feel Save
Front 242 Flag
Meme 334 Never Stop!
SPOCK Never Trust a Klingon (Live @ Evolution)


Artist Title
Ministry Bad Blood
Mesh Fragile
Oomph! Breath Taker (Asthmatic Club Mix)
Hocico Beings of Relief
Xorcist Bitches
Wolfsheim I don't love you any more


Artist Title
Flesh Field Where Angels Go To Die
Beborn Beton Another World (Album)
Wumpscut Concrete Rage
Flesh Field Heretic
Evils Toy The Old Race
Statemachine Thermal Noise