Play Lists for Febuary 1998

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Artist Title
Wumpscut Mother
SPOCK Never Trust a Klingon
Download Glassblower
Insurgent Resonator
Mastertune Mediaworld
Front 242 Modern Angel
KMFDM Leibesleid


Artist Title
Wumpscut Is it you?
And One Metalhammer
Front 242 Animal
Cyber-Tec Let your body die
Spahn Ranch Heretic's Fork
Skinny Puppy Candle
16 Volt The dreams that rot in your heart
Birmingham 6 You cannot walk here


Artist Title
Project Pitchfork Corps D'amour
Wumpscut Soylent Green
X Marks the Pedwalk Facer
Velvet Acid Christ We have to see, we have to know
Steril Egoist