Play Lists for December 1999

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Artist Title
VNV Nation Dark Angel (Azrael)
Das Ich Destillat (VNV Nation)
Decoded Feedback Bio-Vital (Fictional)
Assemblage 23 Purgatory
Velvet Acid Christ The Dark Inside Her
Neuroactive Fiber Optic Rhythm
Hate Dept. Release It (Empirion)
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 (Funker Vogt)
Apoptygma Berzerk Eclipse (D-Mension)
Covenant Tour de Force (Club)


Artist Title
Neuroactive Space Divider '99
Matrix Convergence
GASR New Society
System der Dinge Mindfire
Biopsy Hypoxia (Club Mix)
Run Level Zero The Battle of the Flies


Artist Title
Suicide Commando Somnambulist
New Mind Overcity
Hocico Raging Soul
Assemblage 23 Bi-Polar
Aghast View Truthlike
Covenant It's Alright


Artist Title
Assemblage 23 Surface
VNV Nation Saviour
Flesh Field Where Angels Go To Die
Assemblage 23 Purgatory
Frozen Autumn Bio-Vital
Wumpscut Flucht (Das Ich)