Play Lists for February 2000

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Artist Title
Covenant Like Tears In Rain (Extended)
Apoptygma Berzerk Starsign
E-Craft Full Of Decay
Chiasm Disorder
Balligomingo Lost
Hate Dept Anger Impulse


Artist Title
Gridlock Enzyme
Haujobb Journey Ahead
Download Glassblower
Electro Assasin Collapse (Relapse Mix)
Individual Totem Implicate Order (Remix)
Contagion Ingest


Artist Title
Steril No Remission
Leatherstrip Go Fuck Your Ass Off
Project Pitchfork En Garde! (Live '97)
Neuroactive Superficial
Beborn Beton Hemoglobin
SPOCK ET Phone Home


Artist Title
16 Volt Downtime II
Iron Lung Corp Join in the Murderous Chant
Hexedene Turn
B! Machine Darkest Thoughts
Voice Industrie Tempest (Live)
Machines of Loving Grace Butterfly Wings