Play Lists for March 2000

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Artist Title
ProjectPitchfork Bodies
Psychopomps Godshit
Mentallo and the Fixer Decomposed
Rheas Obsession Spiritual Fear
Clan of Xymox Going Round '97
Psychophile Surplus
Noise Unit The Drain
Pig Disrupt, Degrade, and Devestate
Covenant Fuzzy Logic


Artist Title
Covenant Dead Stars (Club Mix)
And One Wasted (Naghavi)
Faith Zero Signal
De/Vision Foreigner
C-Tec Gesellschaft
Front Line Assembly Columbian Necktie
Ashtrayhead Phonecall
Aaron Sutcliffe You're The Devil In Disguise


Artist Title
VNV Nation Kingdom
Assemblage 23 Anthem
Lights Of Euphoria In Love With The Night
Cesium 137 Language Without Lies
Kalte Farben Gotcha
Spahn Ranch Vortex
Flesh Field Overload
Ice-T Midnight


Artist Title
Voice Industrie  Tempest
Consume EECAI (Ezra Pound)
Electro Assasin Quite Unusual
Nine Inch Nails Down In It '98
Covenant Dead Stars
Apoptygma Berzerk Kathys Song