Play Lists for April 2000

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Artist Title
Cleen The Voice (
Funker Vogt Gunman
Neuroactive Inside Your World (Gradient)
Leaetherstrip Carry Me
And One Panzer Mensch
Will Furnace Rekindled
Pigface Methylated
VNV Nation Standing (Still)


Artist Title
VNV Nation Legion (Janus)
Sabotage Les Fleurs Du Mal
Cubanate Body Burn (D-Code)
PAX Acolyte (Dark Illumination)
Finitribe Love Above (Analogue)
DHI Chemical Land (Showdown)
Informatik Watching You Watching Me (NCC)
Dubok The Soft Parade


Artist Title
Cult of Jester Lucretia
VNV Nation Circling Overland
GASR Revenge
Aghast View Payoff
E-Craft Electrocution
Regenerator One Chance
C-Tec She Left (French)
Suspicion Breeds Confidence Edition Gelbkreuz


Artist Title
Delerium Heaven's Earth
Iris Lose in Wanting
Neuroactive Visualise
MDFMK Witch Hunt
The Nine Our Tomorrow
Consume Dance Puppet (Barnyard Love)
Hocico Raging Soul
Replicate God Dog