Play Lists for June 2000

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Artist Title
din_fiv Clear (is not a colour)
Das Ich Der Schrei New Religion
H Disease
Malhavoc Punishments
Velvet Acid Christ CCPRR
Front 242 Quite Unusual
Razed In Black Cyberium (On Speed)


Artist Title
Funker Vogt Maschine Zeit
Das Ich Destillat
The Nine I Won't
I, Parasite Knucklebones
Eye Kandy Taken
Pax Drip
Kode IV Eternal Reprise
Landscape Body Machine No Cable


Artist Title
Dubok The Soft Parade
Lost Signal Strain
Protocol X Bomb
Negative Format Distant Pulses (edit)
Aghast View GroundZero (A23) Misery
Neuroplage Azreal Trigger
Flesh Field My Saviour (Reborn)


Artist Title
Pinch Point Stronghold
Hate Dept. Superdrama
Deathline International Tainted Love
Fiction 8 Let Go
Construggle Test Shop
God Module Ressurection
din_fiv Control Group
Hyper-dex 1 Sect Les Amants