Play Lists for January 2001

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Artist Title
Apoptygma Berzerk Kathys Song (VNV)
Cesium 137 Language Without Lies (A23)
Absurd Minds Deception
Fictional Your Dream
Mesh Not Prepared
Funker Vogt Subspace
X Marks The Pedwalk Maximum Pace
Sabotage Moon


Artist Title
Trylok Mysterious Girl (Remix)
Lost Signal Torment
Solitary Experiments God, Where are you?
Andraculoid Questionable Fate
Individual Totem WWW
Mindless Faith Stars & Stripes & Satellites
Covenant One World One Sky (Live)
L'ame Imortelle Love Is Lost


Artist Title
Flesh Field Disillusion
Fiendflug Grossenwahn
Project Pitchfork Existence
Lost Signal Absence (Cesium 137 Mix)
Cesium 137 Language Without Lies
Parallel Parallax
Iberian Spleen Noise And Liquid Sex
Sadovaja Missi


Artist Title
Flesh Field My Saviour
Purr Machine Speak Clearly
Luxt Spite
Noise Militia I'd F*ck You Too...
Chiasm Liquefy
Battery Doppelganger 3
Collide Wings Of Steel
Razor Skyline Exit Zero


Artist Title
Das Ich Der Schrei
God Module Denial (Negative Format)
Flesh Field Utopia (Din_Fiv)
KMFDM Secret Skin
Swamp Terrorists Right Here
Birmingham 6 Who do you love?
Bigod 20 The Bog (Dance Mix)
Renegade Soundwave Cocaine Sex