Play Lists for March 2001

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Artist Title
CTRL TheMessage
Concrete Nature Exclusive Audience
Theatre Of Tragedy Machine (VNV Nation)
SPOCK Queen Of Space (Covenant)
Noise Unit Decoder
NCC Syntax
Nine Inch Nails Down In It
Aghast View Reason


Artist Title
Imperative Reaction The Settling/Flight
Velvet Acid Christ Dial 8 (Bound & Gagged)
Lights of Euphoria Fortune Teller
Project Pitchfork We Are One
Killing Joke Millennium
Crocodile Shop Useless
Wumpscut Is It You?
Cosmicity Too far Gone (No Good)


Artist Title
Covenant Afterhours
Aghast View Timeless
Suicide Commando Comatose Delusion
Mesh It Scares Me (Live)
SPOCK Where Only Rockets Fly
Wayne G. Feat. Stewart Who Twisted
Witt/Heppner Die Flut
Psykosonic Silicon Jesus


Artist Title
Neuroticfish Neurocaine
Project Pitchfork Time Killer
VNV Nation Afterlife (Storm)
Funker Vogt The Journey (Traum)
Absurd Minds Deception (E-Craft)
Restricted Area Turn Like The Devil
Fiendflug B66883
Shaen H New Dawn (Hyper Edit)