Play Lists for October 2001

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Artist Title
De/Vision Heart Shaped Tumor (Fish)
Culture Kultur Corruption
Crocodile Shop Waiting Game
Codec Transparent
Railgun Radium
Front Line Assembly Mindphaser (Live)
Die Krupps To The Hilt
New Clear Sky The Stuff Of Magick


Artist Title
Chemlab Exiled (Suck on this)
16 Volt Downtime II
Contagion Ingest
Mechanical Horizon New Horizons
Beborn Beton Im Innern Einer Frau (Fish)
Negative Format Asking For The Future
Moulin Noir I Can't Sleep (Frantically)
Front Line Assembly Providence


Artist Title
Phraze On The Top
Neuropa Soul Mirror
B! Machine Sub-Atomic
Mechanical Horizon Promise The Way
Suicide Commando Dein Herz Meine Gier
Project Pitchfork God Wrote
Institute of Technology King of Rock
Nine Inch Richards Closer To Hogs


Artist Title
TOY Welcome to Space Radio
Infact Cold Blood (Wumpscut)
Dementia Simplex Testicle Crack
Unit 187 Loaded
Wumpscut Christfuck
Deranged Motives Relinquished
Underground Network Intelligence Victim
Front Line Assembly Epitaph


Artist Title
And One Amerika Brennt
PWEI Everything's Cool
GASR I Will Remember You
Hocico Spit as an Offense (SC)
Funker Vogt Black Hole (Reworked)
Electro Synthetic Rebellion Cryogenics
Megadump Tod und Teufel
Backlash Impetus