Play Lists for November 2001

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Artist Title
Psyche Renegade
Syntec Puppets (Club)
Suicide Commando Desire
Cubanate Lord Of The Flies
Front 242 Punish Your Machine (Live)
Front Line Assembly Plasticity (Haujobb)
!Bang Elektronika Gib Vollgas
Sisters Of Mercy Alice (1993)


Artist Title
Headscan Immortal
Melotron Ich Bin, Wie Ich Bin
Eden Ants Losing Touch
Soma My Ancient Vimhaana
Dryft Slalom
Lassigue Benthaus Ashes To Ashes
NETZ Zeitansage
Imperative Reaction Rift


Artist Title
Kode IV Accelerate
Crocodile Shop Let's Go To Bed
Low Technicians Anti-Everything
Dubok Clear Vision (A23)
Cleaner Fun To Be Had
Cut Rate Box In Your Eyes
Concrete Nature Persian Nights
Blank Afterburn
Forma Tadre Date Unknown


Artist Title
Blank Wireframe
Culture Kulture War Is Over
Mechanical Horizon Exhale
KMFDM Trust (Never)
Ministry Lay Lady Lay (Edit)
Infact Fatal Error (Suicide Commando)
Moulin Noir The Waiting Game (Monumental)
Cleen Did You Forget? (Demo)