Play Lists for December 2001

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Artist Title
Mechanical Horizon Promise The Way
Project Pitchfork Timekiller (Axel Ermes)
Theatre Of Tragedy Machines (VNV Nation)
Parallel Parallax
SPOCK Satellites (Sputnik)
Backlash Alter Ego
Assemblage 23 Naked
Fictional Opportunities
Neuroticfish Velocity
Orbital Doctor ? (Regenerated)


Artist Title
Matrix My Angel My Bride
Assemblage 23 Awake (Imperative)
Heavy Water Factory Vampire (Tasture)
Neuroactive Wonders Of The World
Leaetherstrip Carry Me
Cyber-Tec Human (Machine)
Dessau Isolation
Zero Defects End Of...


Artist Title
Noise Unit Corroded Decay
Hocico Untold Blasphemy (Accessory)
Diverje Regret
VNV Nation Epicenter
DHI Emotional Lockout
Beborn Beton Poison
SPOCK Babylon 5
Echo Image Standing Alone


Artist Title
Evils Toy Organics
Leaetherstrip How Do I Know? (APB)
Psyche The Hiding Place
Mesh Safe With Me
Hexedene You Never Can Tell
Gravity Kills Guilty (Youth)
Glis Nightvision
Ministry We Beleive