Play Lists for September 2002

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Artist Title
XPQ-21 Beautiful
Eden Ants Survive (Club)
Aghast View Fieldbreaker
Chiasm Disorder
Hungry Lucy Storm
Anne Clark Our Darkness (Eclipse)
God Module Transcend (Parallel)
Blutengel Vampire Romance


Artist Title
Assemblage 23 Document (Endanger)
Switchblade Symphony Sweet (Apoptygma Berzerk)
Angels & Agony Ohm
Obscyre Hands Of My Watch
De/Vision Moments We Shared (Psyche)
Velvet Acid Christ The Hand (Aggro Trash)
Individual Totem Flow (Field Training Exercise)
Die Warzau Land Of The Free


Artist Title
Culture Kultur Lost Ideals (Final Destination)
Funker Vogt Final Thrill
XP8 She Says (Verbose)
Echoing Green Heart With A View (Echo Image)
Assemblage 23 Document (The Ultimate Gloom)
Axoe Telegraphic
Angels & Agony Stormhead
Johann Bley Stranded (Delta)


Arist Title
V0id Pharmikon
System 22 Until You Say You Are (Radio Edit)
Plastic Noise Experience Clean Head (Implant)
Girls Under Glass Erinnerung
Aiboforcen Testing New Waters
Neuroactive Surface (Version 2)
Angels & Agony Darkness (Inside)
Aaron Sutcliffe Viva Las Vegas


Artist Title
Solitary Experiments Glory and Honour
Mechanical Horizon Gottes Vergessenses (Hardfloor)
Neuroticfish Modulator
Hungry Lucy Fearful (Implant)
Epsilon Minus Freedom (Angels and Agony)
Alphaville Wishful Thinking Physical
Velvet Acid Christ Decypher (Individual Totem)
Mesh Leave You Nothing (Clinical Brothers)