Play Lists for June 1998

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Artist Title
RX Idle Contact
SPOCK Speed of Light
Leatherstrip  Testure
Covenant Go Film
DHI Chemical Land (Fringe Product)
16 Volt Downtime II


Artist Title
Apoptygma Berzerk Paranoia
Front 242 Motion
Front Line Assembly  Transformation
Pitchshifter WYSIWYG
Neutronic LP1
Velvet Acid Christ The Hand


Artist Title
VNV Nation Honour
SPOCK Never Trust a Klingon
Covenant Luminal
Birmignham 6  Thunderstruck
Gravity Kills Falling
Scar Tissue Soiled


Artist Title
Equinox Contact
The Electric Hellfire Club Prince of Darkness
Front 242 Welcome to Paradise (Live)
Ensturzende Neubeuten Haus der Luge
(Revolting Cocks (Physical
Nine Inch Richards Closer to Hogs
The Normal Warm Leatherette


Artist Title
Clock DVA Voice Recognition Test
Covenant Tabula Rasa
A Split Second Rigor Mortis
Apoptygma Berzerk  Mourn
Lights of Euphoria Sleepwalking
Haujobb World Window