Play Lists for June 2003

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Artist Title
VNV Nation Second Skin (Spoken)
Wideband Network Orbit (Club)
Solitary Experiments Final Front (System Der Dinge)
Haujobb Unseeing
Velvet Acid Christ Angels In Bondage (B Side)
Spektralized Allied (Icon Of Coil)
Noise Unit The Drain
Colony 5 Is She Scared


Artist Title
VNV Nation Honour 2003
Project X Last Notes (8khz Mono mix)
Rotersand 1,000 Beats
Armageddon Dildos Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan
Suicide Commando Face Of Death (FSK 18 Mix)
SITD Laughingstock
Sero Overdose Einsamkeit
Velvet Acid Christ Pretty Toy (Edit)


Artist Title
Sacoma Ausweg
Rotersand Merging Oceans
Wideband Network Orbit
Pankow Treuhund
Mnemonic Outsider
La Floa Maldita Stay
Statemachine I'm Love (Club)
Obscyre Forgive me
Spektralized Learn And Teach
Snog Citizens (Shaolin Wooden Men)


Artist Title
Interlace Under The Sky (Club)
backandtotheleft Misstep
Lights Of Euphoria Aggression Pact
CrocShop World (A23)
St. Vitus Dance Big Bad City (NYC)
New Clear Sky Vast
Delerium After All
Liars Rosebush The Peace Tower (Prospero)


Artist Title
Accessory Secret Culture (Go Remix)
Aiboforcen The Shepherds Deathline (Neg)
Assemblage 23 Breath Of Ghosts
Girls Under Glass Minddriver
Witt Eisenherz (Xtended)
Cesium 137 Darkest Dream
HMB Everything
Diary Of Dreams Bladerunner 2001