Play Lists for July 2003

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Artist Title
Gridlock Front
Assemblage 23 I Am The Rain
Replicate Hearts And Minds
Deathline International Destroy
Chiasm Fight
The Strand Shake Me
And One Panzer Mensch
Killing Joke Love Like Blood (Gestalt)


Artist Title
Fictional The Sound Of Falling Rain
Namnambulu Now Or Never (Album)
Psyche The Quickening (Megadump)
Front Line Assembly Mindphaser (Live)
Front 242 Masterhit (Live)
Covenant I Am
Haujobb The Noise Institute
Luxt Spite


Artist Title
Namnambulu Memories (Club)
Regenerator Take Me (A23)
Fictional The Weatherman
L'ame Imortelle Teifster Winter (Zeromancer)
SVD Big Bad City (Singapore)
Haujobb Renegades Of Noize
Digital Geist Kinetics
Rusuden Multiplex


Artist Title
Psyche The Quickening (Negative Format)
Colony 5 Synchronized Hearts
Regenerator Blink (Razed In Black)
Armageddon Dildos Traurige Nation
Lights Of Euphoria True Life (NamNamBulu)
Dust Of Basement Behind The Eyes
Solitary Experiments Land Of Tomorrow (Fiction 8)
Nitzer Ebb Lightning Man