Play Lists for September 2003

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Artist Title
Paralysed Age Berenice (Iris)
Glis Sunrise (Club)
Neuroticfish Need (Core)
Thoushaltnot The Final Year
Iris Annie Would I Lie To You? (TOY)
Lights Of Euphoria Fading Moments (Fiendflug)
Psyche Final Destination
The Last Dance Nightmares


Artitst Title
Iris The Way I Live My Life (Distant World)
Glis Resolution (Sero Overdose)
Melotron Ewartungen
Lights Of Euphoria Fading Moments (Club)
Soul Circuit When Time Runs Out
Eliza Better
Backandtotheleft Obsolete
Severe Illusion Movement


Artist Title
Melotron Kein problem
Namnambulu Now Or Never (Dopamin)
Velvet Acid Christ Exit (Diseased World)
Revolution By Night Faithless (VNV Nation)
SITD Rose Coloured Skies
And One Krieger (No Future)
Psyche Gods And Monsters
Snog Cliche (MK Search)


Artist Title
Revolution By Night Faithless (A23)
Regenerator Bombs Away (Glis)
Spetsnaz To The Core
Hocico Ruptura
Bruderschaft Forever (Fiendflug)
Astral Projection Another World
Camouflage I Can't Feel You (Mellow)
And One Sternradio