Play Lists for October 2003

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Artist Title
Angels & Agony Salvation (Omega)
Neikka RPM One and Only
Infekktion Engel En Schwarz
Project Pitchfork Conjure
Absurd Minds Captivated
Dubok Dense (CrocShop)
Wolfsheim Wundervoll (Extended)
Suicide Commando Sterbehilfe


Artist Title
Cosmicity In Flight (Icon of Coil)
Count To Infinity Undertow (Razormaid)
Inertia Blank Stare
Neuroactive New Sensation
Ganymede Missing (Raindancer)
Swarf Subtext (Weirdo Bold)
Void Construct Rebirth
Absurd Minds Master Builder


Artist Title
Ayria Horrible Dream (Glis)
Neuroticfish There's A Light
Interlace Under The Sky (Club)
Wolfsheim Find You're Here
Melotron Manchmal
Re/Work Repulsion
Infekktion Toxical Colours (E-Craft)
Suicide Commando Evildoer


Artist Title
Front Line Assembly Maniacal
Re/Work Never Seen Tomorrow
Wolfsheim Find You're Gone
De/vision I Regret (Colony 5)
Infekktion Toxical Colours (X-Fusion)
Neuroticfish It's Not Me (Core)
Suicide Commando Cause Of Death Suicide