Play Lists for January 2004

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Artist Title
Croc Shop Hide v1.3
Birmingham 6 Attracted By The Light (Carbon 12)
Infekktion Try To Believe
In Strict Confidence The Darkest Corridors
Seabound Go International
Snog Born To Be Mild (Live In Japan)
TOY White Lights (Haujobb)
Oomph Augen Auf!


Artist Title
Front Line Assembly Transmitter (Come Together)
Seabound Poisonous Friend
In Strict Confidence Emergency
Cleen Did You Forget? (Demo)
Hocico Spit As An Offence (Escupatijo)
Project Pitchfork Alpha Omega
Implant Gateway
TOY Fairytale (Special Club)


Artist Title
Nitzer Ebb Murderous (Phil Kieran)
Massiv In Mensch Schach Matt
Lights Of Euphoria Injustice (Leatherstrip)
Z-Prochek One Last Time
This Morn' Omina The Immutable Sphere
Project-X Infected
Sleepwalk No Compromise
I, Synthesist Paralysed


Artist Title
God Module Telekinetic
Bruderschaft Forever (Aeroflot)
Re/Work Never Seen Tomorrow
Melotron Folge Mir Ins Licht (Verdienter Mix Des Volkes)
Vox Celesta Die Zeit
Javelin/Lowy Generator X. 7 8 (Bounce)
Spektralized Learn And Teach
Tactical Sekt Soulless
SVD Big Bad City (Singapore)
Namnambulu Now Or Never (Album)