Play Lists for February 2005

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Artist Title
Colony 5 Plastic World
Fusspils 11 Feiert F11
Combichrist Lying Sack Of Shit
In Strict Confidence The Truth Inside Me
Mindless Faith Canaan (Lukotyk)
Negative Format Spectral Analysis
System Syn Tracing Veins (Club)
Wumpscut Mother (Maternal Instinct)


Artist Title
Hungry Lucy To Kill A King (Oil 10)
Aiboforcen Twilight World
Close Encounters Drifting On Clouds
Claire Voyant Iolite (Trancelite)
Regenerator Take Me (Aether)
Battery The Betrayal
Curve Gift
Theatre Of Tragedy Machine (VNV Nation)


Artist Title
Fiendflug Glaubenskrieg
E-Craft Puppet Nation
Absurd Minds Herzlos
SITD Richtfest (Extended)
Namnambulu Moments (Duett)
Diary Of Dreams The Cage
Psyche Defenseless
Syrian Enforcer (Nim Das)


Artist Title
Namnambulu Alone
Kartagon The Hunter (Namnambulu)
Fake Wake Up
Angels & Agony Darkness
Seabound Exorcize
Tristraum First Embrace (Electric Toys)
SITD Richtfest
Zeraphine Die Macht In Dir