Play Lists for September 1998

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Artist Title
Informatik Entropy
Leatherstrip How do I know? (ApB)
Wumpscut Soylent Green (German)
Snog Hooray
Marylin Manson Dope Show
Haujobb Time is Elastic


Artist Title
Hexedene You never can tell
Society Burning Comanche
Individual Totem Subsistence
Evil’s Toy Organic
Covenant Riot
Cubanate Skeletal
Luxt Cars


Artist Title
Pinchpoint Stronghold
Swamp Terrorists Pale Torment
Dessau Sun 90
Die Warzau Land of the free
Mentallo and the Fixer Decomposed
Excessive Force Blitzkrieg
Birmingham 6 Godlike


Artist Title
C-Tec Foetal
Final Cut Terminate
KMFDM Anarchy
Pigface Methylated
Hyperdex-1-Sect Mind
Skinny Puppy Worlock