Play Lists for November 2005

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Artist Title
Apoptygma Berzerk Shine On (Flipside)
Diskonnekted Nailed (v2.0 Dance)
Dunkelwerk Bastard
Muscle And Hate Control I'm Here (Moonitor)
SITD Firmament
Das  Ich Uterus
Leaetherstrip This Is Where I Wanna Be
Exilnation Decision


Artist Title
Edge Of Dawn The Flight (Autoaggression)
Sero Overdose Dangerous
Absurd Minds Dependence
Diskonnekted Atlantis
Necessary Response Elements
Exilnation Inferno
Blutengel Falling (Angelus Mortus)
Leaetherstrip Suicide Bombers (12")


Artist Title
Les Anges De La Nuit Mystic Places
Virtual Embrace Welcome To My World
Sero Overdose The One
Code 64 Leaving Earth (Single)
Syrian Vega Velocity (Sidera)
Blutengel Cry Little Sister
Lights Of Euphoria Wicked Game (Foolish People)
Fiendflug Truppenschau


Artist Title
Lights Of Euphoria Sleepwalking (Aufgewacht)
God Module The Source (Imperative Reaction)
Sero Overdose Risk
Solitary Experiments Still Alive
Code 64 True Faith
SITD Wegweiser (Club)
Diorama Logic Friends (Kartagon)
Pandique Tanz Die Welt (Diene Welt)