Play Lists for December 2005

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Artist Title
Autoaggression Das Nyquist Theorem
Mind In A Box Certainty (Seize)
Real Life Oblivion (Nevarakka)
Necessary Response Tomorrow (Edit)
Culture Kultur The Only One
The Crystalline Effect Why Do I Hate Myself (IF)
Zentriert Ins Antlitz Geschaeftsfrau
Syntax Pray
Solitary Experiments Homesick
Diskonnekted After Einstein
Agonoise Sick (Captive Of Society)
Hungry Lucy To Kill A King (Oil 10)


Artist Title
Solitary Experiments The Essence Of Mind (SITD)
Frozen Plasma Hypocrite
Nothing To Fear World Funeral
Edge Of Dawn Losing Ground
Suicide Commando Godsend (Amduscia)
Headscan Hi Motion Model
Colony 5 Psycho Blonde
Urceus Exit Depravation


Artist Title
Life On Mars The Ocean Stands Still
Solitary Experiments Another Day Is Gone (Mechanical Horizon)
Dunkelwerk Bastard (Retrosic)
SITD Mortal (Solitary Experiments)
Twilight Images Twilight X-Press
De/Vision The End (Extended)
Blutengel Navigator (Noxx Rilinger)
Spetsnaz Degenerate Ones


Artist Title
Edge of Dawn The Flight
Suicide Commando Menschenfresser (Eat Me)
Zombie Girl I Want It (AM Mix)
Muscle And Hate Murderous
Sero Overdose She (Version 2)
Captive Of Society Das Spielgelbild
Virtual Embrace Virtual Embrace (Cut and Paste)
Exilanation Destiny